Me in brief

  • Born and raised in the South East to an English mother and a Sri Lankan father.
  • Aspiration: the first of my family to graduate with a BSc from University College London, followed by an MA and Graduate Diploma in Law; I have volunteered to help talented young people do well as a mentor and school governor among other things.
  • I know how Government works: having worked at HM Treasury on the banking interventions during the financial crisis.
  • Financial and regulatory expertise: formerly an Executive Director at JPMorgan; now at the City law firm Macfarlanes advising financial services and investment companies.
  • Media spokesman: frequently quoted in and write for the press on economic and environmental matters; you can see some of my commentary in the FT, Investment Week, Net Zero Investor and elsewhere¬†on my news page.
  • Experienced leading campaigns as a candidate: I came second in Lewisham Deptford in the 2019 General Election and have stood for council both in and outside London.
  • Family: most important to me are Eliza, my wife, and Teddy, my son.

My politics derives from my life and the values of aspiration, patriotism and family.

I aim to combine real expertise with empathy, based on my background and experience with people of all types.

You can find more about me on the site, or via my LinkedIn or X pages. If you want to connect, campaign or discuss, get in touch.